Kentucky Candidate
Information Survey

Voter Resources 

Voter Information Center
Don’t know which legislative district you live in or where you go to vote? The Secretary of State’s Voter Information Center provides you with information on your voter registration status, polling place and legislators.

Sample Ballots
Click here to see a sample ballot for your county.  More information on your specific precinct can be found at the Voter Information Center.

Voter Registration Card
Not registered to vote or need to register your friends? Click here to print out voter registration cards. Once completed, deliver the form to your county clerk.
(Note: Registration deadline for voting in the 2018 primary is April 23 and the deadline for the 2018 general election is October 9.)

Kentucky County Clerks
The county clerks serve as local election officials. Click here for contact information on county clerks.

Kentucky Board of Elections
The State Board of Elections administers the Commonwealth’s election laws, promulgates administrative regulations necessary to properly carry out its duties, supervises the registration and purgation of voters, appoints the political party representatives to the 120 county boards of elections, and certifies the official election results. Click here for useful voter information.

Kentucky Legislature
Click here to visit the home page of the Kentucky General Assembly.

Kentucky Courts
The Kentucky Court system has four tiers: Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Circuit Court and District Court. Click here to learn more about Kentucky’s judiciary.